Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Hailey!!!

TEARS! ~ My little baby is TWO! ~ She started off as such a sweet little bundle of joy, and has turned into our BIG GIRL! It all happened SO fast! I am SO thankful for the time I have been able to spend with this sweet little spirit! Hailey was truly our Little Gift from Heaven. Matt and I agree that we are glad she came when she did. We "tried" for our little princess for over two years, and we are SO glad we were blessed with her later on. She has brought SO much love and joy into our lives! Matt and I are BETTER people because of her! ~
Happy Birthday my little Princess Hailey ~ ! ~
We are treating our little Princess to Pump It Up for an Afternoon FUN Jump, and her VERY FIRST trip to Chuck E Cheese tonight! There will be more pictures to come! ~ :) WE LOVE YOU SWEET GIRL!~


Nichole said...

Happy Birthday Hailey! I remember the day you were born. Your mommy was suppose to go and have pedicures with us, and decided to have you instead. She made a good choice :-)

The Haynies said...

Wow time ahs gone by so fast! Look how grown up she is now. What a cute girl. Happy birthday Hailey!

AngelaBeth said...

YAY!!! Happy birthday Princess Hailey! I have a feeling she is going to be like Jenneva.. every year for her birthday and Christmas she has to get/wear a tiara! She has a WHOLE collection!

Magirk said...

Happy Birthday Hailey! ;-)

Hope you have a fun time celebrating.