Friday, February 19, 2010

Do you feel this way too??

If you head to the Hospital, and think GREAT how much is this going to cost... I feel like I should just opened my wallet and tell Kaiser to TAKE IT ALL, WHATEVER YOU NEED!!!

I had to take Landon to get all his 12 month crap done... vaccines, and all! They also had to check his Iron levels... OH little man is Anemic... that is a shocker! I know he just went through a "skinny faze" because he did not want to eat much, but he is obviously having a growth spurt now because the kid is a bottomless pit!! I guess me being Anemic when I was pregnant with him has something to do with it. Great, that makes me feel better... off to pick up that medication.

THEN, I had to take Hailey to check out her ears. The night before she kept holding her ear and saying "I have a boo boo!" I thought she might have PUT something in there, LUCKILY that was not the case. After getting it checked out by the Dr. the next day... exactly what I had expected, the dreaded Ear Infection. She got LOTS of these when she was a baby, and I know exactly how to treat it. The Dr. said this time it was normal because she is getting over a cold... so yet another medication I have to pick up...

So after TWO hospital visits, a LAB visit, and TWO Pharmacy visits... all in one week mind you... I feel like Kaiser is my second home! Not to mention I will have to take Landon back to the Lab for a second test after his medication to see that he has improved... :) Thank goodness we are able to take care of our kids when they are sick! And Thank Goodness I had Matt to help with the madness of GOING to the Hospital with two kids. Oh, and THANK goodness for good health insurance, that is something I will NEVER skimp on!!

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