Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Prayer ~

Prayers are said QUITE often in our house. Matt and I are often trying to figure out WHO'S turn it is for prayer... I tend to say them because lets face it...


But today we were BLESSED with a Dinner Prayer that HAILEY gave; we asked her to fold her arms and she just started saying her little prayer;

"Der Hevn Fthr
Bless Food
Bless Broder
Mom and Dad
Nm Jesus Crst
( throwing arms out in excitement)

To which Matt and I both looked at each other in amazement and started to clap! "Yeah Hailey! Good Job with your prayer!" I told her. Then Matt and I giggled, and I knew that we were doing SOMETHING right in our house...

This was ironic to me because we have been fighting her to fold her arms for prayer at the table, and I was so frustrated with her that I put her on time out for not folding her arms... (what kind of a mother does that right??) I am not sure if it was the time out or the repetition, but I am SO thankful for my crazy little girl right now!

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