Thursday, February 11, 2010


Dinner ~ Movie ~ Friends ~ and FUN


I put a shout out on my facebook page and invited all my Fresno girls to join me in viewing the new movie Dear John.

This movie was based off a Nicolas Sparks book that I just finished reading.

I am a HUGE fan of Channing Tatum who plays the lead character in this movie, so when I saw the previews, I KNEW there was a GIRLS NIGHT OUT in the near future...

After I got some responses as to who wanted to attend we planned out our night. We went to Red Robin for Dinner, and just had fun laughing and talking about "GIRL" stuff.

Red Robin's fries ALWAYS hit the spot for me, so I was relaxed after dinner and READY to see the movie!! Most of us had pre-ordered our tickets because the first week Dear John beat out the hit movie Avitar, when we walked through the doors to find seven seats all together we laughed because there were probably 5 other people in the whole theatre... haha ... Sorry Girls... I was really worried we would not all be together for this one...

After the movie, we all posed for a picture with the ONLY Movie Poster they had in the whole place about the movie... haha! Glad to see they have great publicity at Manchester for the movie!

We have (left to right) Amalia Cutts, Amber Cluff, Me, Megan Cluff, Lauren Baker, Amy Harden, and Kassie Humman.
The movie was BETTER than the book for me! I really enjoyed reading the book, and I think it helped me understand the movie more, but I was not a fan of the book ending. (you may have caught that from my post last night) The movie ending was SOOOOOO much better!
So I am officially waiting patiently until this movie hits the $3.00 theatre now. I love you very much my Dear John, but not quite another $10.25 to see you full price again!

Thanks to all the Girls who attended! We need to make more GIRLS NIGHTS OUT in the future! It is JUST what I needed! LOVE YA! ~

And now for your viewing Pleasure... Channing Tatum

Did I mention he is Hot??


Amalia Cutts said...

I had fun! Thanks for putting up his pictures.

Tiffany said...

Ah yes...I love him also. Come on...he is the only reason I watched GI Joe. And all those hot dance moves in Step Up. Super yummy! I think Steven is a little bit jealous, which perhaps he should be because I just want to lick Channing Tatum. And since I am your older and wiser sister I usurp the title "#1 Fan". :)