Saturday, February 13, 2010


I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with the snow right now...
I LOVE to go up and snowboard without kids, but I HATE to take the kids up to the snow for a "day of fun" with friends. Matt and I have wanted to get the kids up in the snow ever since we were in Tahoe. We told some friends about this, and it ended up being a big huge trip!! We had planned to go up the week before, but the weather did not permit us to go then. It ended up being a big deal, because we went up with EVERYONE else on the three day weekend... and that is just the start of it.
So the kids were both coughing at breakfast, and I asked Matt if that was our sign to not go. We decided it was going to be a warm day so they could not get any worse... so we packed up the car, got in, and headed up. Half way up the hill (through twists and dips) Hailey throws up ALL over herself and her car seat... after cleaning that up I again ask Matt if that is our sign not to go. We get back on the road and meet our friends at the park n' ride. We head to the Snow Park and Landon throws up all over himself and his car seat to which I tell Matt " UGH, I am DONE!" now at this point I an REALLY thinking we need to head home. My friend Megan drives by right as I am thinking that and they come back around and confirm we are like 20 minutes away, we are sure it will be fun. So we go up despite the 4 previous signs... Here is our Happy Family Picture... notice the not so happy kids... Matt decided he would take Hailey up the hill and ride down the tube run. The boys went up on Thursday and Dug out a tube run. They were SO excited to get up there and check it out. I told Matt to let Hailey work up to the big hill, but I guess he did not hear me. He comes back to the car while I am getting Landon ready with a crying wet child. I guess the run was a little TOO fast, and Hailey fell off and slid down on her belly for a little while. She wanted to strip off her clothes and have nothing to do with the snow from there on... And does this picture not show you that! Oh, how I love her pout face! And by the way; she is wearing Landon's Gloves and Beanie. We got her cute pink gloves that she refused to use... go figure!
Here I am with Landon. He liked to just sit on the sled and get pulled along, or he liked to walk around on the snow. He did not like when he would fall and get his hands cold, but he also did not want help walking, so it was a lost cause.
He was a pretty good trooper! He was enjoying the snow, but Mommy was not really able to because she had to watch him the whole time! Not that I am complaining, I knew this going up there, but I expected Hailey to be having fun with daddy on the hill.
Here Megan and I are gossiping about something. (I only say that because I am sure that was what we were doing... that is what we do best) Landon and Hailey loved that she brought her dog Boston up to the snow. She is one of my friends from our old ward. We had lunch soon after our gossip session. It was fun sitting around the cars and laughing about the tube runs the boys were getting in.
After lunch was right around nap time, and our children were down to their last change of clothes and were getting a little crazy. We decided to be party poopers and head home. Had the kids not thrown up on the way up there it would have been a better experience. On our way home we took a better road that was not so windy and we think that is the way we need to go from now on!
I am not sure if there is a snow trip in the future for our little family, but I am sure that I want to hit up the snow WITHOUT children again! :)

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Kristen said...

Luke threw up on our drive from Texas to Utah a couple months ago, and it was DISGUSTING to clean up. I hate that. I'm so glad my kids don't normally do that. What a crappy start to a day... at least you got to have fun with friends, though!

Annel's 4 kids all get carsick with even the shortest car ride. She was telling me that even to go visit Kelt at work (like 10 miles away) she has to pack extra clothes and puke bags. I don't know how they ever do road trips.