Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Weekend ~

Sick Kids do not make a Valentine's Weekend much fun! After our Snow Trip (see last post) the kids just stayed at a "steady sickness level"
I left the sicko kids at home with Matt, and went out with a few of my girlfriends to Jimbo's. I needed to get a break from the throw-up and tantrums. Jimbo's is a Country Bar on the corner of 168 and Herndon. The first time my friend talked me into going there I thought I was going to die laughing... it is just an old farm house that has been added too, and all kinds of people hang out there. There are young college kids, divorced crazy women, Old Farts, and funny looking Line Dancers! The Country Line dancers took over most of the floor, luckily for me; Megan and I had no problem making FOOLS of ourselves for a good time. I have now gone three times, and I have to admit every time I go we get even more crazy, and have even more fun!
The reason we go is to support our friend Bobby J. He is in a Country Band called Hillbilly Rockstar. I meet him through the Cluff's. Travis and Bobby have LOTS of funny stories, and I just knew he would be a fun guy! Anyways... we have WAY too much fun there! I am sure we are the ONLY sober people there, and we LOVE people watching. Our favorite things to do is imitate other dancers on the floor, bring back the OLD SCHOOL moves, and break it down like we are in a HIP HOP Club. I am SURE we get lots of looks, but for the most part people LOVE us. We get comments ALL the time from girls that wish they were as outgoing as us and could just let go... after they have a few drinks in them they usually join us! HAHA! We just go to have fun and release from everyday worries.
Hillbilly Rockstar plays once a month, and we have just made it our ritual Girls Night Out! Some months we have a group, sometimes there is just three of us... no matter what we are there to have a good time! We are always looking for people to come and experience the fun with us, so if you want to make a complete fool of yourself let us know you are SOOOO invited! :)
So I got home just before 2:00 AM, (I know I know, nothing good happens after midnight... but I got a free t-shirt, and I am not a teenager anymore) Matt was asleep on the couch watching The Winter Olympics. I tried to quietly go to the room and change for bed, but Hailey woke up and wanted to sleep in my bed. I was so tired I let her stay... I was OUT FOR THE COUNT, and woke up to my whole family in our bed. GOOD thing we have a Cal King bed huh!? After I went into the bathroom to wash my face, I heard Hailey coughing. Not just like a little cough, she was really having a tough time. I am one of those parents who HATES when other parents bring their sick kids to Nursery, so I knew one of us would be staying at home today with Hailey. Then Landon woke up, and he started with his coughing... wait WHAT? BOTH kids are coughing up a lung? GREAT! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ME!!!
We lounged around with the kids, and wished we could have gotten out of the house for church, but not wanting to be "those parents" we knew we needed to stay home. The nice thing about the kids being under the weather was that they both napped for a good while. Matt and I talked about what we wanted to get each other for the big Valentine's Day, and we agreed on a movie we both wanted to see. We got Goal 2, a sequel to one of our favorite movies Goal. It is a soccer movie, and we are glad we watched it. It was a GREAT watch! I told him we would go after the Holiday was over and get our candy fix at half off... I LOVE getting candy 50% off right after the Holiday. This is a new tradition we do... it just makes sense! :)
Matt made French Toast for Breakfast... the kids loved having a warm breakfast! For lunch we did easy sandwiches and did a little picnic on the front lawn because it was such a beautiful day. For dinner I made Chicken Broccoli Casserole, and the kids ate that up too. It was nice to see them eat because that meant their sickness was not too bad.
We really enjoy spending time together as a family. That is exactly what I would have wanted my Valentine's Day to be like... (minus missing church and sick kids) I am SO thankful for my husband who lets me escape and have fun with my friends, and who can also show me a good time just us together! I look forward to MANY more Valentine's Day's with my hubby! Quite Literally my Little Love Bird! ~

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