Saturday, February 27, 2010


Should I make my blog private??
I have been thinking about this because I have children, and I use their names. I could go back through every post and change the names or I could make my blog private... THOUGHTS??
I would of course invite all my current friends and future friends to read my blog, but I guess I am beginning to worry about all the CRAZIES that could be reading it...
I have LOTS of family that reads it... would they have to open a Blogger Account to read it then?? HELP!


Kristen said...

Nope, you don't have to have a blogger account to read it, just an email address that you can send the invite to.
I kind of understand the whole "private" thing, but then again, I haven't heard any horror stories of not being private, so for now, my blog isn't. I support you in whatever though!

Nichole said...

I had thought about the same thing. I dream I had actually prompted it. I temporarily blocked my blog from viewers and then went through all 300+ posts and changed their names and birthdays. I did that because it was easier for friends and family to still have access to my blog. I think if you do go private, all that is needed for people to view it would be their e-mail address.

Natalie said...

I personally don't like private blogs (although I completely understand why people make them private) but mostly because they don't show up on my google reader :)

In my opinion, there are TONS of blogs out there... and tons of people's kids on blogs, so I don't see it as that big of a deal. But on my blog, I have chosen to try and keep things as unspecific as possible... location, names, etc. I try not to write exactly what we are doing and where we go, you know... but that's what works for me.

Anyway, good luck. Do whatever you feel like you should. "Pray About it!" So cliche, but true! :)

AJ said...

I don't know if they would have to open a blogger account, they might have to but that doesn't mean that they have to have a blog.

I am surprised more people don't have private blogs with all the "Crazies" out there :-)

Do you what you have to do to keep everyone safe!