Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So my friend Lauren Baker is AMAZING! We are SO lucky that they live so near to us. When we moved, we slowly moved ourselves even farther from our friends, but the Bakers moved even closer to us! WE LOVE IT! Anyways the reason why Lauren is so amazing is because she brought THIS over to our house last night for dessert...
She has been going to school at the Institute of Technology in Clovis. She is doing her Culinary Degree program, and this was the FIRST thing she made at school. Let me tell you... it was AMAZING!! She left what SMALL leftovers we had after we all pigged out! I am VERY excited for her to have us TASTE TEST things in the future! :) Don't you love her in the picture... I told her to smile, and this is what she gave me. YEAH LAUREN GO GIRL!

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