Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Are you a NO PHONE ZONE??

Does anyone else watch Oprah EVERY day like I do??
I LOVE her for her strength, and her determination. She brings up topics that are tabou, and others would never DREAM of bringing up. I first meet Oprah when I was young. My mother watched Oprah when we were kids, and I only liked watching it when she had NKOTB on. It was a daily ritual. My mom would watch Oprah, then get up and make dinner for us. It was like her release from the world, and I never understood it until I started watcing Oprah for myself.
What I admire most about her right now is that she has the NO PHONE ZONE pledge. Have you heard of it?? She wants EVERYONE in america to know how STUPID it is to be on your phone texting or talking while you are driving in your car. Sit back and THINK about that... people are behind the wheel driving other people around not paying full attention to what they are doing! It is illegal to be on your phone here in California, and I LOVE IT! We are allowed to use the Bluetooth Headset's however if we need to. But REALLY people?? Do HAVE to talk to that person right now?? What makes YOU so important and that CALL so important??
PEOPLE HAVE DIED!! TEXTING DRIVERS HAVE KILLED THEMSEVES! If you are not wanting to take the NO PHONE ZONE pledge I don't want you on the road!! My children are more important that the phone call. PULL OVER if you must talk! I took the pledge today! I printed my Pledge out and signed it... google it up, and sign the pledge for yourself.
The last few weeks she has been asking her guest's to sign the pledge, or makes a comment about remembering to sign the pledge. Lately she has been sharing stories of people who have died because of cell phone use in the car. These stories have touched me, and made me realize NO CALL is THAT important! PLEASE join the Pledge!! YOU CAN SAVE A LIFE! ~ Possibly your own...

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makana said...

So I hope you remember me?! I read your post sand scrolled down a little to the PRIVATE post and hope that I don't classify as one of those aforementioned "crazies" :) What a cute family you have.
I agree about the texting/talking while driving thing. EVERY time I see a "bad" driver, they are ALWAYS on the phone.
I was thinking that now-a-days this person could even be watching a movie while driving. I hope every state makes it illegal. There are way to many deaths/accidents from this neglect.