Saturday, March 6, 2010

Soccer Game TWO

This SHOULD be Soccer Game Three, but we were rained out the previous week. It was good to get a week off because I got a nice blister on my heal from my soccer kleats. It was on the same "bad ankle" I wrapped, and I guess my feet have grown since I had the kids! It has been a while since I used them last... possibly High School! HAHA!
This week we were scheduled to play the Fresno 15 ward. I guess they are the Spanish Ward in the area. If I would have known that before playing them I might have worried about having to play them. No, I am not racist or anything, but I have to say I would guess the people who played on the Spanish Ward would be VERY good at soccer. Anyways... WE WON! Well, we won by default. They had other obligations, and we ended up playing a game just our ward and a few players from the Fresno 15 Ward that showed up. YET again we did not have a ref! Not that it was a big deal this time. We played a fun game, with no problems.
I sat back thinking to myself... Now THIS is how Church Ball should be! Just some LDS members getting together to have a little fun. Of course it helped that we were pretty even as far as skill went. The men on our team are pretty good about noticing us ladies out there. It is amazing that our ward brings out enough people to play soccer for pratically TWO teams! I need to practice my shooting skills. I caught myself a few times just passing the ball because I was not "in the zone" with my shooting. I think if I get a little bit more comfortable with the ball I might be more of a hog and just take the shot!
In High School I dated a guy from another school. He was the goalie for his Soccer Team, and he would let me practice shooting with him. It ended up working well for us both because we both got to practice our skills. Matt is sweet because he lets me do the same with him. I think he does it because I told him "the ex" used to let me shoot at him. And what wife would not want to kick balls at their husband?? :)
It was a chilly day, but when you are running around the field, the breeze is good. It was quite the sight becaus there was probably the same amount of kids there as there were adults. Hailey LOVES that the older girls will play with her, and Landon was just enjoying being outside!
UPDATE from SOCCER GAME ONE... the girl who HIT Matt... well we saw her after the game. Come to find out we know her... well we had meet her kids, and our cousin knows her. I guess now we know her too. Anyways she came right up to Matt and apologized. It was a nice gesture, and I know Matt is glad that it is all behind him. Besides me teasing him about it in the future, it is done with.
Lets hope the Next Game is as fun as the Last one! ~ :)
P.S. Landon Donovan is playing well, a goal and an assist in his last game.... SWEET! ~ (sorry to bore you with so much soccer talk, I try to shove it all into one post!)

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Yay! I am glad she apologized!