Sunday, March 14, 2010

I have a LOVE~HATE relationship with this weekend...

I am sitting here at home on Sunday during the time I SHOULD be at church. My house is quiet, my husband and daughter are attending Sacrament Meeting right now. Landon and I are just lounging around the house. My head is SO congested... my nose will not stop running, and I just wish these drugs would KICK IN already!!
I had a BLAST yesterday! It was a busy day! I started feeling sick on Saturday Morning, but I had so many plans for the day that I was not going to let a little runny nose and headache stop me. After visiting with Matt's Parents, and playing soccer I was BEAT! But we had plans with some friends I had not seen in a while (because we moved from our old ward) that wanted to see us that we HAD to keep pushing on! We had dinner with the Bakers (YUMMMM PIZZA) and then headed over for the MARSHMALLOW Roasting Party!
I had been telling Megan my friend that I miss seeing them, and we need to have a party... so we decided we needed to get together. After everone got their own dinner (hence the Pizza Party we had with the Bakers) we got together at Megan's house for Dessert. Matt and I decided to bring all the ingredients for Smore's...
It was the PERFECT Dessert for the CRAZY day we had!
Somehow the boys ended up in the house, and the girls ended up outside... it might have been because Lauren and I started talking about the "Mormon Pleasure Party" we attended. It is SO fun to sit back with girl friends and just have a good old laugh!! We had fun, and had to go home...
I think it really hit me on the way home. As I was driving I started feeling really sick. We got home, got the kids to bed, and practically knocked out ourselves the second our heads hit the pillow. As I woke up this morning I knew there was NO way I was going to make it to church. I hate missing church because my life is SO crazy that I need all the SOLACE I can get in the week. Alas, I am here at home with my sweet little baby just resting. I guess this is the NEXT best thing to do on Sunday. So I hope you can see why I have the LOVE-HATE relationship with this weekend. I LOVE that I was able to have lots of fun, but I HATE that I am sick!! I better get over this SOON... good weather is just around the corner!

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