Saturday, March 20, 2010

Story Book Time

"NOOOO, I don't want to go!" Hailey screams as I PRY her fingers from her car seat.
"We are going to the Library for STORY BOOK TIME!" I reply and excited as I can be that I am OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!
"NOOOO... Oh look Mommy Merry Christmas." she says as she points to a Pine Tree. I laugh and think to myself... did she really go from NOOOOO to Merry Christmas in three point five seconds... I think my daughter has ADHD.

"OH Books!" she screeches as we walk into the quiet Library.
We head over to where the other mothers and children are sitting waiting for THE LADY to come and entertain our children for 20 minutes.
"Mommy LOOK... a SHISH!" she said as she grabbed the FISH puzzle from the table.
I acted suprised and said "YES sweet girl that is a FISH."
Then THE LADY approaches and all the kids get quiet... All the kids that is EXCEPT for mine...
"A CRAB Mommy a CRAB!" she yells as all the other kids wave and say Hello to THE LADY.
One mother turns around and gives my daughter the look...
I smile at her and pretend I don't want to go slap her silly. I want to say This is our first time, but I keep my mouth shut. "Yes sweet girl that is a Crab, can you come and sit for Story Time now?"
They start singing a song, and Hailey started running away.
"Hailey come and sing the song." I say to her, "It is a FUN song!"
"No Mommy...No!" I.Dislike.Defiant.Children.
"Ok then, Landon and I will sing by ourselves." I tell her.
Landon quite enjoyed the Story Book Time. Until he saw the computers. HE LOVES playing on computers. He ignored the last 10 minutes while he pounded away to his hearts content on the kid keyboard. I figured that was ok, it was a kid keyboard afterall.
The Magic Letter for today was U. THE LADY talked about Umbrella's, Uniforms, and Underwear. One little girl yelled out "Hey, those are PANTIES!" to which all the mothers laughed... good times.
Hailey wanted nothing to do with the Magic Letter for the day. She wanted nothing to do with anything THE LADY did.
They read two book, sang some silly songs, and played with scarves.
Hailey only payed attention when she wanted to. I kept telling myself ~ This is he first time, she will be just as nice and quiet as all the other kids after a few times going.
When they were playing with the scarves each kid had to go up and get their own scarf... Hailey tried to steal one from a boy who had already gotten one from THE LADY. When she finally figured out how to get one correctly THE LADY said "This must be your first time,what is your name?" Hailey grabbed an orange scarf and turned around and walked away. Not Embarassing... I did tell her not to speak to strangers...
But despite THE LADY's attempt to get her attention, Hailey had realized Landon was having more fun on the computers so she headed over to the other computer where both my childen POUNDED on the kid keys while the other little sweet children sang their silly songs.
Maybe I should listen to her when she is screaming " NO Mommy, I don't want to go!" next time.
Or maybe next week will be A LITTLE BIT better...

P.S. This is THE BEST Story Book Time I have ever been to. We have moved alot and I have been to 5 different ones... I hope we stay here because I LOVE this one. It is at the Clovis Library Fridays at 10:00 am for those that might be interested. For ages 2-3 it says but I took Landon too, and there were LOTS of little babies there! ~

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Kristen said...

Hehe, I loved reading the dialogue, sounds like Camie... all over the place all the time. Hope next time goes better!!