Friday, March 26, 2010

Healthcare Reform . . .

I love Jay Leno...
He knows how to make an aquward situation funny!
"President Obama signed the landmark healthcare reform bill into law on Tuesday. I'll tell you how excited the president is. Today, he changed his slogan from 'Yes, we can,' to 'Yes, we finally did something.'" --Jay Leno

"Well, as you know, healthcare reform was passed by the House last night. Supporters of the bill say the American people now get the same health benefits that members of Congress get. Now, if we can just get some of their other perks: free travel, envelopes with cash, get-out-of-jail-free cards..." --Jay Leno

"I have been thinking about the healthcare problem and how to pay for healthcare. If you took all the money the Republicans have spent trying to stop healthcare and all the money Democrats have spent trying to get healthcare, we could afford healthcare." --Jay Leno

"And to help sell this plan to the American people, President Obama said it's the same plan Congress has. See, I think that's a mistake. I think that's why a lot of people opposed it. Have you seen members of Congress? Do they look healthy to you? Anybody here want to be as fat as Barney Frank? Huh? You want to be as orange as John Boehner? I don't think so." –Jay Leno

"It looks like Democrats have their 60 votes for healthcare. Harry Reid said the bill will save us hundreds of millions of dollars. Well, it would have, except for the hundreds of millions of dollars we had to pay to buy the 60 votes." –Jay Leno

"The healthcare reform bill now includes a tanning booth tax of 10 percent. You know what this means? This whole thing could be funded by the cast of 'Jersey Shore.'" –Jay Leno

I am not ignorant enough to think that this Bill is ALL BAD...
But I am also not ignorant enough to think that this Bill will not cost us financially and emotionally. . .

 Democracy seeks to grant equality to its citizens through freedom. This bill is not only bad in the details, but takes a major step toward a socialist government. That means a people who are not free, but dependent upon and serve the government. This is why it must be repealed. There are good ways to reform health care that preserve the most important principles of our government and freedom, this bill does the opposite. It’s time for all good men and women to stand up and cleanse the government of the cancer that has invaded it.

Would you be happy if you saw your freedoms eroded and were forced to depend on government to do things for you that you would prefer to do for yourself? If you were forced to depend on government to make decisions about your health care that strangers ought to butt out of, that your privacy and deeply personal health information was about to become part of a gigantic government data base would you feel secure with that?


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