Thursday, March 11, 2010

Visiting Teaching ~

In the past my Visiting Teaching Assignments have been WAY easy! Before kids, when I was working full time, I was in charge of sending all the Visiting Teaching messages to all the ladies who preferred not to be visited. I would make MASS mailings, and be DONE with it. I enjoyed this because I never really had to TALK to anyone I did not know.
My next experience was being a Visiting Teacher to my next door neighbor I saw ALL the time and a friend who I would just call a " Playdate" for to get that Visiting Teaching in...
This is the FIRST time I was meeting NEW people and sharing an actuall message. I was not worried because I have a fun partner, and I am very outgoing. It is not like I will not be speechless or anything...
My partner set up the appointments and drove, and I was in charge of the message.
Our message was on Personal Scripture Reading. "Strengthening Faith in God the Father and Jesus Christ through Personal Scripture Study" to be specific. I love that I get to share a message on something I need to do as well. One of the passages REALLY hit home to me...
"A study of the scriptures will help our testimonies and the testimonies of our family members. Our children today are growing up surrounded by voices urging them to abandon that which is right and to pursue, instead, the pleasures of the world. Unless they have a firm foundation in the gospel of Jesus Christ, a testimony of the truth, and a determination to live righteously, they are susceptible to these influences. It is our responsibility to fortify and protect them." This was shared by our prophet President Thomas S. Monson.
I sure need to get better with my personal scripture study so I am able to help my children gain a testimony of the church. I now know why my parents had us read scriptures as a family, and I am thankful for that example. I hope to follow in my parents footsteps and show my children through my example that we need to study the scriptures.
I am thankful that I know this church is true. I am glad I am not searching for the truth, but searching for help and answers to my daily prayers. I am also thankful for the Visiting Teaching Program.

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