Monday, March 8, 2010

GUESS who got a Hair Cut???

Little Landon was in NEED of a hair cut! Saturday I cut the top by myself so I could spike it up... but the sides needed a cut in a BAD way!! Matt pulled out the clippers and told me to grab the camera to catch his first haircut. He has had a haircut before. Actually he has had a few haircuts. One trim by grandma, a cut by Sister Downing, and another cut by my girlfriend Carissa. We thought it was time to see how he did with the clippers.
Matt Pulled them out and turned them on. THAT caught Landon's attention, he had to hold them. He LOVED it. The clippers tickled his head, and he was laughing. Near the end it was not as funny to him because there was hair everywhere... but here is the final product. He is with Hailey in this picture. She is dressing up as a princess, and he is trying to sneak by the camera on his little car. Getting him to sit still for an "after picture" was too challenging, I had to catch him in the act...
His hair is a little shorter that I had wished, but his hair grows so fast I am not worried! I also trimmed Hailey's bangs recently, I feel like I am always cutting or trimming something on the kids. Thank goodness Daddy cut Landon's hair this time... mommy needed the break!

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Kristen said...

Very cute haircut! I think it makes him look older, I love it.