Tuesday, July 6, 2010


As a child I ALWAYS wanted the BARBIE MANSION...
 ALAS I was child number 2 in a family of 6 children so I was not going to get it...
Luckily for my little girl COUSIN KIMBERLEY got one when she was younger. Now that she is blossoming into a wonderful Young Woman she decided she could let it go to another little girl ...
And Frankly; Hailey AND Landon
Landon likes to HIDE the barbies, and Hailey likes to PLAY with them.
(see him hiding Cinderella Barbie in the step stool... hehe)
There is a Barbie Fridge, FULL kitchen, Bathroom with a pull out tub, bed, windowsill, I could go on forever.
It even has an ELEVATOR... yeah, that might be the FAVORITE thing right now...
Along with the Barbie Mansion she got a box full of Barbies and Clothes. A horse, a Vespa and a Barbie Car that plays Cd's from the back... Hailey is SET!
THANKS KIMBERLEY for sharing!!

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Tiffany said...

So glad it is going to use. And so glad to have that extra room in Kim's closet. (It's a shame she already has more stuff there.) I'm glad that Matt is man enough to let Landon play with the barbies. Steven would let the boys push the car around, but put his foot down when it came to the plastic dolls and his boys. Enjoy!