Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hot Date 2010

Last week when Matt and I were in Stockton, we got to see our cousin Kyle Bird. We got to talking with him and while we were talking one of my girlfriends Megan Cluff called on the phone.  Matt asked me who was on the phone after I got off and I told him Megan... like TWO seconds later Matt looked at me and said "KYLE and MEGAN should date..."
It was like a HUGE light bulb started blinking above the both of us and I got ALL giddy and we both said "They would SO hit it off!! We should set them up!"
Long story short... we went on a double date with them last night and had a BLAST!!
First we went to eat at Panda Express...
Would you believe Kyle and Megan ordered the SAME thing... not even trying... some people would call that a coincidence... I call it FATE...
Then we headed to the Grizzlies Game. The grizzlies are Fresno's Minor League Baseball Team...
We got the Wednesday Night Special... Two game tickets, Two John's Incredible Pizza Kids Meals Coupons, Two Maxx Putt Indoor Glow Ball tickets, Two Storyland Kids Tickets ALL for $20.00... Talk about a GREAT date... Megan and Kyle laughing...
There were MANY opportunities for us to laugh. There was a grandfather with his two grandsons sitting in front of us... they moved for some reason... maybe because we were yelling at the players... or maybe because our conversations had NO filter... FATE! ~
Neither Kyle or Megan could be appropriate for the many pictures we took... FATE!
Needless to say they hit it off pretty well... (In defence of the above picture Kyle likes to get the "Captain Morgan pictures while he is with us, and for some reason Megan felt the need to bend over like that... haha SOOOO not planned out right.) FATE!~
The End... haha.
They are going on a HOT lunch date today... Too bad I am not there to take any photo's.
Needless to say we had a great time!
Now when are we going to use the Maxx Putt tickets??
(A special SHOUT OUT to the Bakers for watching our kids... THANK YOU! ~)


Trent and Mel said...

Good job matchmakers...they are cute together. Keep us posted!

Cami said...

i approve