Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lil' Kickers ~

Hailey is officially part of The Bunnies team at the Fresno Indoor Soccer School. We signed her up for an 8 week training course and we REALLY hope she loves it. I already love it because it is INDOORS, and because this age group needs a parent to help it BEATS being out in the heat!
Hailey LOVED free play time the best. You get to kick the ball around and just have fun!! 
Here she is going in for a GOALLLLLL....
WOW Fast Action Shot...
Landon played a little with the kids too. We decided to let Hailey try this year, and maybe let Landon join next year. We think he might enjoy this more than Hailey does.
Here is Hailey at the end with her sucker, and her bunny stamp on her hands. At the beginning of the class the teacher told us not to worry if our kids did not follow direction or do well. "They are 2-3 year olds, do you really expect the to all be able to work together?" he said. Hailey did not cooperate with everything, but she liked the obstacle course and she did that. She also liked making a clown head out of soccer equipment... the teacher said give it a few weeks and they'll want to follow suit... here is to Hailey and her first soccer experience! 
Oh, and I made these bows today... only one is actually a bow, but you know what I mean.
I LOVE big fat flowers in girls hair! :)

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Meg said...

Yeah for soccer! If anything, it's a fun experience outside the house if she doesn't love love it! But she probably will. That's nice that it's indoor too. Cute bows you made. I wish my little one would keep them in her dang hair!