Monday, July 12, 2010

Honey... wanna play the Laundry Lotto??

I have been looking for a CUTE little couples game for a while, and when I came across this I knew Matt would like it!! I got this idea from searching a friends blog, she had this hyperlink to the blog one day... Laundry Lottery
You can make your own by downloading the pictures if you would like. This is how I made mine...
All you need is some card stock, scissors, paper cutter, and any glue you would like to use...
I got some samples of Aleene's Tacky Glue that I wanted to try out. I used the Quick Dry Tacky Glue.
All I did was cut the card stock how I wanted it, cut out my t-shirts, and started gluing.
I decided to add a little clothes pin to my masterpiece.
The plan is to give your husband the option to play if he would like. You take the card stock paper with the Lucky You on one side and Folding Duty on the other and throw it into the dryer for a few seconds. Let your husband choose when to turn it off and open the dryer to see his fate... If it is LUCKY YOU side up, you owe him whatever it was you promised before starting the game. If it is FOLDING DUTY side up, YOU get help with the Laundry!! Make sure BOTH parties know the rules and agree with them before you play.
Matt has yet to play the Laundry Lottery with me, but I am sure we will be trying it out VERY soon! I thought it would be a cute way to bring a little spark back into our "OLD ~ TIRED ~ PARENTS" relationship!! Thank you Makana for showing me this cute idea, and THANK YOU Love,Actually for showing us your AMAZING ideas!!


makana said...

Wahoo! Thanks for the shout out :) You will have to tell me how it goes.

AJ said...

That is pretty cute :-) I found this website a while ago and it's got a lot of good ideas to spice up your marriage!