Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa ~

Matt's parents birthdays are 2 days apart. Mom Bird is "robbing the cradle" by TWO whole days. David Alma Bird's birthday is today, and we have been working on "Happy Birthday" with Hailey and Landon.
Before Matt and I had children we liked to call people on their birthday and sing happy birthday to them as crazy and loud as we could. (My family saves our birthday song wishes on their voice mails to enjoy them over and over) Since we have had kids we have been trying to get them to sing, but they fight it alot, plus Matt and I seem to drown them out when we sing, so this year I have been working with Hailey to sing all by herself. . . you saw what I was able to get for Grandma Bird, here she sang for Grandpa Bird ~
And YES I know Landon is only in a diaper... don't judge me. (or him) It's HOT here in Fresno...

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