Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We moved the CRIB out of Landon's Room and
he is in his BIG BOY BED.
I told Matt I wanted to move him after he went to Nursery for the first time alone,
this week he LOVED going to Nursery alone, so we knew it was time.
He only got out like 5 times before he realized Daddy and Mommy were just going to put him back in bed and he decided to stay. He stayed in it ALL night, when I went in to wake him up he looked SO sweet. My baby is becoming my BIG BOY!

GOODBYE CRIB, GOODBYE SLEEPING in for mommy... with TWO kids running amok in the morning I just might have to beat them up... it was nice while it lasted...


Nichole said...

Wow, he looks big in his big boy bed. BTW, we have that same bed too.

Tiffany said...

He is such a little man! And amen to goodbye sleep for mommy. The boys are up at 6:30am...not looking forward to when Owen can open the door by himself.

PS...That is a wickedly awesome blanket that Landon is using. I bet someone who loves him super much made that...just wait for Christmas! :)