Thursday, July 1, 2010

Harden Happy Birthday!!

Ty Harden turned 6 and Haley Harden turned 3!!
My Hailey and the Hardens Haley have done SO many things together...
They were blessed together, born within a month of each other, named the same name...
They are REALLY good together. We all know my Hailey is NUTS, the other Haley is sweet as can be and with two older brothers does not mind playing with my little girl ONE bit!

They had a joint birthday party for the kids because their birthdays are so close. It was fun! They had a Reptile Guy come and show us all these CRAZY things, we ate some GREAT food (ribs and chicken YUMO) and played on the water slide they have for this HOT FRESNO SUMMER! It was a good time had by all! Thanks Hardens for inviting us, we are lucky our little girls are so close in age so we can enjoy these fun times together!!

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