Friday, July 9, 2010

Father's Day Idea ~

Want to make your Husband something he will LOVE ... then my friends take a look at this project. You will need a shirt, and these fabric 3D markers. They are like Puffy Paint only easier! They are from the family products, and they are so fun to use. I choose the Primary Colors, but they have all kinds of colors to choose from.
Make sure to PRACTICE on something else before you use it on the FINAL Project. AND wash the shirt before you use these markers on it as well.
One of the markers "spilled" out more than I wanted it to. I was able to wipe it off with water and a paper towel with no problem. Just make sure to do it right away, or the color might stay.
This shirt was featured in the Family Fun Magazine, and when my mom showed me the idea, I thought WHY NOT? ~ Matt would be able to use it as a "boat" shirt. (only because I doubt he will wear it much now aside from out on the boat)
We made sure to let it dry overnight.
Just a CUTE idea for the Daddy that has almost everything he could ever want!! I almost put "the boat" on the shirt because that is like Matt's third child at times! hehe
I think it turned out pretty good for a beginning crafter!!

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Susan Lo Vue said...

It looks great and fun! Well have to remember this for the future!