Tuesday, June 22, 2010


As you all know by now Matt turned the big 30 this last week. I would not be a good wife if I did not do something special for his BIG day, so I HAD planned on throwing him a
(thanks to those of you for understanding when the plans changed unexpectedly) 
So I had to JUMP into WHAT DO I DO NOW TO SURPRISE him for his big day??
WELL, I started the day off with Breakfast Hot and Ready for him right before he left for work.
Many of you might think this is a little task... But THINK AGAIN... Ugh, Matt leaves for work at 5:50 a.m. so It is a BIG deal getting up early for him to make him Banana Pancakes one of his FAVORITES!!
EVER had them?? They are SOOOO good!!
So then I decided we could stop off at his work and take him a little something.
So we made a poster for him that the kids colored of course, and we headed to the store to get him some goodies. After making it out alive with two kids by myself we headed to his work . . .
MOST people in Fresno recognize this place. Every time we drive up to it, or by it the kids get SO excited because they remember the carnival at Daddy's work.
Landon got a little wrapped up on his balloon, don't worry after I got a good chuckle and this cute picture I helped him out.
And Matt was VERY surprised. Barbara at the Main Office front desk was great about getting Matt to get to the front. I think he liked it. We learned that one of the people who helped start the business Bob Duncan celebrated his 89th birthday today as well. Matt is in good company with his birthday. I got to meet all the ladies from the Internet and Marketing Department, and it was a GREAT trip. The kids LOVED getting candy from Grandma Barbara and enjoyed the attention they got.
(not like they don't get it all the time anyway)
Hailey picked out this Balloon for Matt. It was a STAR, and it was Blue she told me. When I told her what it said she would not let it go! She wanted it for Matt for sure!
And Landon picked this one out. I gave him a Happy Birthday Balloon, and this Over the Hill as options. I have to admit I was glad he picked this one! SO CUTE! Matt got 2 Fresno State Football Season Tickets for his birthday again. It has become a tradition. He also got Italian Icee Freezer sticks and Sour Jelly Belly Candies with the balloons from the kids.
For Father's Day Matt got the Speakers on the Boat. Have I told you this story?? He bought them himself a few months ago, so I said GREAT now I don't have to plan ANY presents for you this year!! He makes my life SO easy that way!! He also got a shirt I made with Stuff from his work, I'll have a WHOLE other blog for that though... something for you to look forward too!! :)
I hope he had a GREAT weekend.
On Saturday he went White Water Rafting down the American River with his brothers and father. I think this WAS a great weekend!!

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