Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Can you believe I have not posted about THIS yet . . .
 I sure am! I have been waiting SO patiently after USA got into the FIFA World Cup last year.
And it has arrived. Matt and I have watched EVERY game so far.
Here is the first goal of the World Cup... appropriately South Africa's TSHABALALA(sha-be-lala)
got the first goal over Mexico. They ended with a tie 1-1.
And HERE is two of my favorite people in the soccer world...
Landon Donovan and head coach Bob Bradley.
There has been SO much trash talk about the England vs. USA game.
England said they were going to SMASH USA and the other teams in the group.
Well... too bad they did not SMASH us. We also tied 1-1.
I have to admit I was SOOOOO happy they tied!!
I had butterflies in my stomach at the start of the game... because this how it all happened...
3:35 in - Steven Gerrard is left all alone and slips into the box for an easy goal. Absolutely crushing for the United States. Still early enough where you can't panic but also you need to attack a little more now. That goal happened because Ricardo Clark stopped marking Gerrard all together. Letting him run into the box free. Horrible defense. England up 1-0.
39:30 in - Clint Dempsey just blasted one low that Green could not handle. That should have been stopped. USA 1 - England 1. There have been a lot of questions with the English Goal Tending and for good reason it seems.

THAT WAS THE LONGEST 40 MINUTES OF MY LIFE . . . at least it felt that way. The rest of the game was the longest 50+ minutes of my life... PLEASE just end in a tie!!
THANK GOODNESS!! I'll keep you posted as USA continues on!!


Meg said...

P.S. THANKS so much for you advice for primary. I Really liked the ideas you gave and will have to use them! THANKS!!

Meg said...

i LOVE it!