Monday, June 14, 2010

House Update

We did not get the house..... BOOHOO!!!!
Matt and I are telling ourselves that there is something wrong with it we can not see because is has been in escrow twice before and fell out... BACK to the drawing board!! :) We are looking at houses TODAY!! Wish us luck! ~


Nichole said...

so are you guys going through a real estate agent/agency? Who are you using?

Bird is the Word said...

@Nichole ~ YES! We are working with Guarantee Real Estate. Our Broker is Jason Nenadov and he is SO much fun! We actually meet him because he was showing the house we were living in at Tarpey to a family and he was just an easy going guy. We called him to look at houses before we moved and he was real easy to talk to, and took time to know what we wanted in a house. If you are looking for someone HE is the guy you want!!

Tiffany said...

Wanna know how sleep deprived I am??? I was reading this blog, in my mind read "horse" not "house" and wondered why you didn't tell me you were thinking about getting a horse. I know Matt is on the payroll and all, but come-on a horse. Then I took a deep breath and re-read the statement...oh a house. Makes more sense. :)