Monday, June 14, 2010

Clovis Carnival ~

We went to the Sierra Vista Mall on Friday to get a movie ticket for the Twilight Trilogy for me, and we saw they were setting up for a little carnival in the parking lot. We knew the kids would enjoy going to the carnival, so we threw them in the stroller Saturday night and headed down the street to the Clovis Carnival. The kids were just staring at all the lights as we walked up . . .
When we got in, Hailey decided she had her heart set on riding a ride.
She choose the Air Balloon Ride. She was tall enough to ride it alone, but we decided we better be safe and have one of us go... LUCKY ME! ~
It just so happened that the ride she choose was from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch . . .
She loved spinning the balloon before the ride started, and besides being a little scared she really enjoyed the ride. I had to pry her fingers off the ride when we were done she wanted to ride again!
After walking around for a while and letting the kids dance to the music and play a few games we headed home. Half way home Landon was OUT for the count . . . by the time we got home Hailey was OUT too!
We really enjoy taking the kids to fun little things, and we hope they enjoy them too!!

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