Friday, June 11, 2010

Lovin' the Park ~

We went to the park yesterday.
The weather was SO nice and the kids were being good so I decided they deserved a little treat.
The first thing both kids wanted to do was hit the swings. . .
There must be something calming about swinging.
Both of the kids really enjoy being pushed on the swing.
Then we played on the Playground . . .
They loved running all over and going on the slides.
Then we had lunch . . .
Hailey does not like getting her fingers dirty.
But she LOVES Cheetos so she has to suffer I guess. . . can you see her dissatisfaction with the junk on her fingers??
It was a BEAUTIFUL day, and it got a little cold while we were eating lunch so we grabbed the jackets... is it REALLY June??

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makana said...

Park days are the best and it looks like you had a great day out.