Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun in the Sun ~

We were asked by a friend of ours Travis Cluff (most of you know him as the guy who won WIPEOUT last year~ Super Shorts) to share our boat with his buddies that he works with. They offered to pay for everything and feed us if we lend our boat and our time... we are ALWAYS down for a free boat trip so last week we packed up the kids and headed to Millerton for the afternoon.
Hailey LOVED collecting the rocks on the beach... this is her counting them.
This is Trey (Travis and Amber's youngest son) doing a mermaid pose.
Check out that FULL DIAPER!!
And here is our Water Baby. Landon LOVED playing with Matt in the water.
He would LAY back and just relax . . .
He was having a BALL!! And Matt was loving his little man loving the water!
I think the kids single handedly ate HALF the watermelon that was there.
Landon LOVES watermelon! He was willing to share with me too... What a sweetie!
We had a GREAT time, and we look forward to hanging out again.
Good Times Great People!!

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