Monday, June 7, 2010

Natomas Class of 2000 High School Reunion

Matt and I are realizing time does not stand still for ANYONE!! We have been talking about how long we have been married, and how our kids are growing up SO fast! THEN we had the opportunity to attend my High School Reunion . . . 10 YEARS out of High School . . . REALLY??
We were very excited to get some time away from the kids, and enjoy the night out. I was STOKED to find my dress just days before we left Fresno. All the other dress options needed ALTERATIONS for this Mormon girl to wear them... but THIS one was PERFECT!
This is Robi Quick and I getting ready to announce the "Class Awards"
We had fun little gifts for classmates who had accomplished certain things since Graduation . . .
This is us awarding one of my FAVORITE friends from School. Matthew Shepherd won the "Newest little baby to Love" Award. We had about 20 different Awards... Newlyweds, Married SO long, Travelled the Farthest and the Least to attend the Reunion, Has the most kids, Currently Pregnant, Hasn't Changed, Lost the most Hair, Funnest Job, Coolest Job, Party Animal, Smarty Pants... the list goes ON and ON... 
We took an Alumni Class Picture, I hope the photographer got better pictures than I did! Can you find ME?
And then we DANCED the night away!! Thanks Matt by the way for this LOVELY picture... We had SO much fun, and as we were watching the Slide Show Matt turned to me and said "I have a surprise for you . . ."
He got us a Room at the Hotel that the Reunion was at. He had been working with my sister Sharon to babysit the kids. I guess he was not sure where the venue was and I was no help on getting him the info so he had to e-mail one of my High School friends Aileen for the info... he did a good job surprising me!
This was the view from our room. The Balcony was so nice to just sit and relax on after dancing in my 5 inch heals! HAHA! I have heard mixed feeling from different people about attending their Reunions. I just knew I would want to go and see my friends. I had a pretty good High School experience, and I knew It would be a BLAST! I also enjoyed meeting Spouses and Boy-Girlfriends of my old friends. It is interesting to see who people end up with. I know they have meet their matches!! It was a WONDERFUL weekend I will NEVER forget!!


Amalia Cutts said...

Sounds like you had fun! I'm still considering whether or not to attend mine...AND good job to the hubby...see he's a good husband after all.

Lindsey & Jared said...

FUN! You'll have to give me details on who is with who and who's ugly now... hehe