Saturday, June 19, 2010

USA vs. Slovenia

I am POSITIVE he was paid off by someone to THROW the USA game.
TOO bad he was only able to guarantee a 2-2 draw... WHAT A DOOOOSH!
Slovenia got two easy goals in the first half. I am STILL trying to figure out how both got by Howard. The first goal he was off his line, and he did not even put his hands up to defend the goal. It was like he just stood there watching the ball hit the back of the net. The forward in my says That was a GREAT shot, but I still think it was a lucky one. The second Slovenia goal came towards the end of the half and there was a breakdown in the backfield. I thought Howard should have had that one as well, but he make other BRILLIANT saves so I will let that one slide. THEN the USA team came out ready to take the win. It was like they were a different team the second half. They were getting really good shots on goal, and GREAT plays were being made. Then Donovan got a goal that seamed impossible!! He was at the top of his game today. Bradley was EVERYWHERE, that guy is a BEAST! He was defending goals and ended up scoring the goal to tie! We got SO many bad calls during the game. A yellow on Findley for a hand ball when it hit his face... that takes him out of the third game because he had a yellow from the first game. Then a bunch of tick-tacky normal soccer play BAD calls... MOST against the USA. He sure called it fair for Slovenia, but SURE got it wrong when he called things on the USA. The last call was the worst, I would recap it for you but I found this this article that says it the best . . .

Landon Donovan insisted the Americans had a historic victory “stolen” from them after their dramatic World Cup comeback to tie Slovenia 2-2 at Ellis Park on Friday.Donovan criticized referee Koman Coulibaly, claiming the Malian official had incorrectly disallowed an 86th-minute goal by Maurice Edu that would have given the United States an incredible comeback victory.
“They [the officials] stole a goal from us,” said Donovan, who launched the U.S. revival with a brilliant strike at the start of the second half. “It was a good finish and a good goal.
”It was the guy’s [Coulibaly’s] first World Cup and maybe he got caught up a bit. This is the World Cup and you can’t just take away a goal from a team like that."
With the Slovenian defense tiring rapidly, Edu made a strong run and connected with Donovan’s free kick from the right, sending the ball past Slovenian goalkeeper Samir Handanovic. However, as the U.S. players began to celebrate wildly, the referee blew his whistle and awarded Slovenia a free kick for what he perceived to be foul play inside the penalty area.
“When I struck the ball and saw it go in the net I didn’t think there was any possibility it would not be allowed,” said Edu, who came on as a half-time substitute. “The guys were very angry because we felt we’d had a fair goal taken away.”
The team converged on Coulibaly and also surrounded him at the end of the game. An irate Jozy Altidore ranted at the referee and was pulled away by teammates Herculez Gomez and Benny Feilhaber before his comments landed him in trouble.
“I guess it just wasn’t to be,” Donovan said. “I am assuming it was a foul somewhere. We asked the ref many times who the foul was and he couldn’t explain it. I don’t know what to think about it, I can’t explain it and I don’t know how there was a call. We asked him numerous times in a non-confrontational manner and he just ignored us or didn’t understand.”
Yahoo! Sports approached referee Coulibaly as he left the stadium, but the official refused to make any comment on his decision. Even nearly an hour after the end of the game, there was confusion in the American camp as to what the exact nature of the foul the referee had seen.
“From what I am hearing there were a lot of fouls being committed there by Slovenia players,” U.S. head coach Bob Bradley said. “Michael [Bradley] was being held and he tried to free himself and got called. We think that is what it was, but we are not sure.”
The U.S. looked set to be pushed to the verge of World Cup elimination when it went two goals down in the first half after strikes from Valter Birsa and Zlatan Ljubijankic. But goals from Donovan and Michael Bradley got the Americans back into the game and set up the chance to pull off a miraculous recovery.
I would like to start a petition to NOT allow ROOKIE Ref's like this idiot to be a deciding factor in the World Cup Games.
Koman Coulibaly I will never forget your name... KARMA dude... I hope it gets you GOOD!

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