Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CRAFTY FUN with my Mom!!

THIS TOOL is my NEW best friend ladies (and gentlemen if you are reading this too) It is the Tulip Cordless Heat Setting Tool. And the little circle dispenser next to it is FULL of Tulip Glam-It-Up Iron-On Crystals. Let me explain just why iLOVE this new tool SO much...
I have a little girl, and that little girl has LOTS of hair bows. MANY of which myself or her grandmother has purchased. When I am paying $10.00 plus dollars for a bow; I began to think ~ MAN it would be GREAT to be able to MAKE my own bows. So when I was introduced to this tool I was SURE it would make "LIFE" easier in my CRAFTY-NESS... So I headed to the store and got the ribbon I needed.
I wanted to make bows to match Hailey's 4th of July Dress. Hence the Red White and Blue. I took the two bigger ribbons and folded them just like a regular bow. I then took the smaller ribbon and hot glued it around the two bigger ribbon bows. THEN I used my new tool to add a little GLAM to the bows... 
I have attempted to put crystals on other items before. When I did it last time I had to place glue on the crystal, place the crystal on the item I wanted, then try SO hard to move it to where I wanted. THEN clean up the extra glue mess... not to mention TRYING not to be frustrated with it not being exactly where I wanted it to be... UGH it was NOT fun!
With the Tulip Cordless Heat Setting Tool it was SO much easier. I turned on the tool and held the button to have it warm up. (10 seconds) Side note: DO NOT TOUCH the tip, it says so on the instructions, but I wanted to make sure it was heating up... I PROMISE IF THE RED LIGHT IS ON, IT IS HOT! Next, I used some tweezers to place the crystal where I wanted them on the ribbon. These crystals come with glue ALREADY on the back. Then I took the Tool and held it on the crystal for about 10 seconds. When I took the tool off it was IN place! No having to move it, No extra glue to get rid of... PERFECTION!!
I made TWO bows because they were too easy. I attached them to hair clips and my little girl bows were DONE!

Aren't those little Crystals SO cute?
After making ADORABLE bows I decided I wanted to have the BIG FLOWERS for my little girl. These are becoming very popular right now. I went to the store and got some flowers. (try the dollar store first)
Then I pulled the flowers apart . . .
Then I alternated colors hot gluing them back together in the middle. This time I used the Tulip Glam-It-Up Iron-on Studs as the fashion embellishment to my project. I used the cordless heat tool the same way, and LOVED how this one turned out . . . the stud colors matched the flower colors perfectly!
Then I put Crystals on a Flower Hair accessory and it was just SO cute! I put a 5mm size crystal in the middle then the 3mm size all around it. OH HOW I LOVE SPARKLY THINGS!
I just again hot glued clips on the back, and these babies are READY to be worn!
I am SO excited about the ENDLESS possibilities I have with these products!
Let me know if you need more info on the steps, I'd be happy to help!!
Check the website for the FABULOUS GLAM STUFF!


makana said...

I want one!
Do you want to be part of my craft blog I have? There are four other girls on it. Let me know.

Tiffany said...

Wait...glue already on the crystal...and the awesome gun-thingy heats up the glue and makes it stick...(rubs hands together maniacally) I want one of those...must add to wish list. Perhaps you will pull my name for Christmas and will know exactly what I want. :)

PS. How does Hailey like all her barbie stuff I sent? Glad the house fit in mom and dad's car. Super excited for the room in Kim's closet that sucka took up.