Thursday, June 10, 2010


JUNE . . .
YOU KILL ME! It is by far the busiest birthday month in our family!! This post is in celebration of my little sister Nicole and her husband Brian. They are the Richardson's. They live in Caldwell, Idaho which is too far from me if you must ask!!
Brian's birthday is June 6th, and Nicole's is today...
They are the most " Easy Going" in the family. In fact don't leave any decisions up to them or they won't get made. They just say "whatever everyone else wants!" To which Matt and I take the opportunity to push OUR agenda! HAHA! Just kidding, but they are VERY laid back easy going. They got married in 2005 and have two ADORABLE little ones!
I hope you two have something nice planned for eachothers' birthdays! :)
This is my FAVORITE picture of Brian and Nicole . . . LOVE YOU! ~

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Nicole said...

Thanks, I remember taking pictures at the temple but I didn't remeber this one with Brian sticking his toungue out, looks good!